Sandboxing: A Series of Fortunate Events

In the distance I could see a demolished church surrounded by trees. Curious, I readied my weapon and advanced toward the hill the cathedral rested on. As I approached, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. A bed in the corner was enough to tell me someone was living there.

Out of nowhere, a red blip appeared on my radar. My perception must have been low, as all of a sudden a wastelander comes running around the outside corner of the building, completely covered in flames. Awe-struck, I stood as I watched the poor guy collapse at my feet.

Still smoldering, I checked his body and realized he wasn't coming after me at all. He was running away.

Peeking around the corner I noticed a raider heading for me. Sporting a mohawk and a flamethrower, she shouted and cursed as I backed away, firing my machinegun in an attempt to disarm her. Successfully, my gunfire sent her weapon hurdling into the building. With a change of attitude, the raider freaked out, leaping over a ruined wall toward her dropped weapon.

With a quick strike to the back of the head, I sent her face-first into the ground.

Extremely pleased with the series of events already, I was surprised to hear a familiar tick. As I knocked her down in midair, she fell and tripped a wire holding up a cache of grenades.

Anticipating what was about to happen, I stepped back and smiled.


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