Monday Muzak VII: Soule Soul

Jeremy Soule has contributed to the game industry for years as a brilliant composer. Viewing music as nothing more than a language, he has brought together classical and original elements to create powerfully emotional tracks for numerous titles including Secret of Evermore, Neverwinter Nights, Guild Wars, The Elder Scrolls, and the legendary Duke Nukem Forever. I've already mentioned his music, but with such a broad history in the business, I'm giving him the spotlight this week.

One of his more classical compositions. Perfect for the swaying trees, sunbeams, and a bright and blooming sky.

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Simple, yet so thought-provoking.

This track is a good example of how flexible Soule can be with different styles and categories of music. It still feels like Soule, but it has a different tone altogether.

A collection of Soule's work from Oblivion. All of which flow with a sense of exploration and adventure that made the game so much more than it already was.

Very inspirational. This track made me feel like the hero I had become throughout the game. It alone is a testament for the power audio can have within a game's design.

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