Monday Muzak V: Battle Mood

Its important to use all of the tools at your disposal to create your desired atmosphere. Music plays a big role there, and can be the difference between feeling a sharp disconnect within the moment or triggering a desired response and inciting memorable gameplay. I'm taking a look at a few tracks that keep things pumping when they need to be, pushing you over the limit and sending you off into the depths of battle.

Zone of the Enders, more or less a side project of Metal Gear Solid's Hideo Kojima, has had quite a cult following over the years. So much, in fact, that his own team has been pestering him to start up a third entry. The soundtrack to the game matches the fast twitchy gameplay, complimenting the webs of energy missiles and popping explosions with rattling thumps and constant ambient tones.

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I didn't really care for FFXIII's monorail gameplay, but Masashi Hamauzu's music always stands out. I love the way this song builds up the tension. The rumbling drums and rapid piano tones really boost that morale.

I played Mega Man games all throughout my childhood. The most prominent memory I have of the series is the first moment I ever heard Zero's theme song. His existence alone makes the blue bomber look wimpy. Red armor, sweet locks, a lightsaber, and a sweet theme song?

Phantasy Star soundtracks always have a way with their battle music. This one brings in some of that buzzing jungle flavor and shakes it up.

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