Axis II: Alpha Prototype 6/13

I'm in the second round of implementing the feature set for the game. Wall climbing, Swimming, more diverse enemies/AI, fishing, elemental attacks, and a complete list of Magic spells are up next. Stay tuned for updates! Meanwhile, you can check out the latest test build of the game to have some fun and provide much needed feedback.

You can swing a sword like a crazy person, cast a few spells, grab some health, attack simple enemies, jump off of explosions, upset plants, and snag a key that doesn't open anything! Interested? Check it out after the jump and let me know what you think (FYI, it'll break my Blog's feng shui. The game is 1024x576. It also includes sound~)!

- Note: Click on the game screen to get focus first before attempting any controls!
- Use the Arrow Keys to move, UP to Jump, DOWN to Crouch
- A key to attack (ground or air)
- S key to Focus Magic (release at different stages for various spells NOTE: Not complete, so animations are rough)
- D key to defend (it keeps enemies at bay)
- W key to swap between different weapon elements (not fully functional yet, only changes sword appearance for now)
- E key to Interact with Doors and Signposts
- HOLD SHIFT to run (jump while holding shift for a longer jump)
- Toggle different lv1-3 spells by using the 1, 2 and 3 keys respectively
- Crouch for a period of time to meditate, slowly restoring health and mana
- Pick up the 'Boots of the Highleap' to increase your Jump power
- Pick up the 'Other Boots of the Highleap' to allow Double Jumping
- The purple Gem increases the speed of your focus charge
- Hearts restore health by 10
- Blue Drops restore mana by 1
- Mines will explode when touched
- Mosa Jumplants don't like to be touched, but cause you no harm when they throw you in the air
- You can enter additional areas by moving to the right or left end of the screen
- The Key doesn't open anything, yet
- If your health falls below 0 you'll be returned to the starting point
- Collisions for collecting/picking up/getting hit/doing damage have been reworked, so no more collecting hearts with the tip of your sword
- The art and animations are all incomplete and more features are incoming

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