Character Complex VIII: Red(ead) Queen WIP


I've wanted to do this for awhile. Currently, she's just a base mesh around 2257 tris (1350polys) with procedural textures applied for reference purposes. I'm aiming for 2000 tris and a single 1024 texture.

A long time ago I sketched up this concept. Half machine, half queen, with hints of some Alice in Wonderland and a dash of Steampunk. Her character was a relatively big part of Aegis, an unfinished project I was working on, where she acted as an antagonist by betraying the heroes for the sake of a forbidden love. After losing the majority of her limbs in a fierce battle, which she was reluctant to take part in to begin with, her immense magical prowess awarded her mechanical limbs.

Her mesh still needs some fine tuning. Partly to reduce the count below 2000 tris, partly to increase the impact of her form and appearance.

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